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 Julia Clews & Lincoln


Julia has owned and operated DoggieLicious treat company since Jan 2018.  Our newly expanded training and event centre adventure starts summer of 2021!  The last 25 years of Julia's career has been in customer service and operations management.  Now she picks up dog poop ;-)

Maguire Clay & Charlotte

Social Media Specialist

Maguire Clay has been a proud part of DoggieLicious since opening in 2018.    Maguire creates and publishes original content to engage our clients.  She is also an integral part of our promotions team organizing and attending local events as a brand ambassador.  Here she is pictured attending a dog mudding event with a very brave Charlotte!

Tammy Stewart with Roque & Tundra

Dog Trainer

Tammy Stewart is a certified Pro Dog Trainer graduating from AbsoluteDogs in the UK and is a professional member of the CKC.  Committed to providing the most effective, convenient solutions to her clients’ dog training needs, Tammy avidly continues her ongoing education and professional development by attending several seminars per year. Tammy enjoys working with clients to better understand their dog and turn struggles into strengths using concepts and game based methods. The more fun you have with your dog, the more likely you will both enjoy it and keep training! When not helping clients Tammy competes in scent detection with her own three dogs.  Tammy is the owner of Hakuna Matata Pet Services.

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Lindsey Logan & Ranger

Dog Trainer

Lindsey Logan is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA CTP), certified trick dog instructor (CTDI) and a professional member of the CKC. Lindsey pursues ongoing continuing education and professional development to ensure she provides her clients with attainable solutions and effective results.  When Lindsey isn’t training she runs a breeding program for CKC registered Australian shepherds or is competing in dog sports with her pack.  Lindsey is the owner of QT Aussies.

Emily Venator & Shuffle

Dog Trainer

Emily Venator is Animal Health Technician and the Team Captain of the Some Ruff Competition, an Ontario region Flyball Club. Creating a solid foundation of skills for her clients will ensure success whether as a well-behaved member of the family or a star athlete in a competitive dog sport!  When not competing with her dogs Emily can be found managing the Show Office for the Carrot & Stick Ontario Equestrian Skills Development Horse Show Series. 

Terri Desjardins with Nika, Raina & Beatrix

Dog Trainer

Terri Desjardins is a member of SDDA, CKC, DMWYD and BHA.  Committed to providing her clients with full peace of mind, Terri keeps her Dogsafe First Aid Certification up-to-date.  Terri trials with her dogs regularly to keep honing the skills needed for training with her clients.  Terri has earned: Masters BarnHunt; Expert Tricks; Advanced Scent (SDDA) and Novice Scent (CKC); Advanced Sprinter.

Her goal is to provide an opportunity to have fun with your dog while learning something new!