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Your Questions, Answered

Inclement Weather?

  • decisions about class cancellations will be made by 3pm (where possible)

  • notice will be posted on social media and the students of the day will be contacted through email

  • classes will resume the following week


What do I need to bring to class?

  • your dog on a 4' or 6' leash-no retractable leashes, e-collars or prong collars on site 

  • a mix of your dogs favourite small trainer treats (please bring a lot of treats!)

  • water for your dog (dish if required)

What do I need to know about 

  • dogs must be leashed at all times (excluding your trainers request)

  • pick up after your dog and yourself (inside and on the property)

  • we welcome 2 humans per dog attending class

  • children 12yrs and older are welcome to attend class with an adult incharge of the dog at all times

  • a minimum of 2 dogs are required to run a class 

How noisy is the train?

We have a train line on the back of our property. The whistle can be quite loud. Though most dogs will be fine with the train, especially if it's positively reinforced (which your trainers will assist).  Those dogs that have an aversion to noise may struggle.

Waiting for your class to start?

  • please potty your dog before class

  • keep dog to dog interaction to a minimum while in class and on the property

  • the doors will be locked at all times-PLEASE DO NOT KNOCK ON DOORS

  • please wait by your car before class  as to not disturb any class that is currently running

  • your trainer will open the door a few minutes before your scheduled start time to invite you in

  • there is a dedicated in door and out door to keep the flow of dogs moving in one direction to avoid dogs meeting nose to nose

Missed Classes?

  • If classes are cancelled by DoggieLicious you will be notified by email. An additional class will be added at the end of your sessions

  • There are no make-up classes available for missed classes

  • If your dog is ill, you are encouraged to come to class without your dog to observe the training that day 

  • Rolling Admission Puppy Classes:  Your registration fee guarantees you a spot for six consecutive weeks;  there are no make-up classes available for missed classes

  • No refunds will be given for missed classes

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